coffee powder packing machine | Boshi pack CE automatic wheat flour coffee powder weighing packing machine manufacturer

coffee powder packing machine | Boshi pack CE automatic wheat flour coffee powder weighing packing machine manufacturer

1、The servo motor version, high speed output, stable operation, saving time and film.
2、Specific powder counting system controlled by servo motor.
3、Interface features easy and quick setting and operation.
4、High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.

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Over 15 years packing solutions

China Foshan Boshi team, is struggling for packing machine designing, manufacturing, since 2006.

Good price

vertical & pillow face mask packing machine manufacturer, standardized production, supporting a nice quantitative wholesale price.

The patent of Clay extruding and pillow packing machine

The engineer in Foshan Boshi team,is the first designer, for the double screws clay extruder.


The packing machine, have CE certications oversea. The company got gold factory supplier in China, works with Alibaba & Google groups.

powder packing machine

FOSHAN BOSHI PACKING MACHINERY CO., LTD., established in 2006, located in Foshan city, next to Guangzhou city, is a professional factory manufacturer of series packing machine. The Mask making machine, mask packing machine( pillow packing machine & 4 sides packing machine) , the color mud extruding packing machine, the color mud squeezing cup filling machine, the pillow packing machine (for bread packing, tube packing, hardware packing, soft products packing, and etc.), the granule packing machine ( Multi-head weigher packing machine, for dry food, such as nuts, chips, candy and etc. For frozen food, such as dumpling, chicken leg, fish, pork. For hardware screws. For vegetables. Linear weigher packing machine, for sugar, salt, rice, grain packing, and etc. Volume cup packing machine.), the powder packing machine( for coffee powder, milk powder, instant powder, and etc.), the liquid packing machine( for sauce, jam, honey, oil, shampoo, and etc.), the pre-made pouch packaging machine, and etc.

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Performance advantages of powder packaging machine

1. The packaging speed and bag length can be steplessly adjusted within the rated range without changing parts. The length of the bag is set digitally by the controller of the packaging machine, and the bag is driven by a stepping motor, which makes the adjustment of the bag length simple and convenient, the length of the bag is accurate, and the operation is stable and reliable.
2. The heat-sealing device adopts four-way heating control. The heat-sealing temperature can be preset and automatically controlled to ensure a good heat balance. It is suitable for a variety of packaging materials to ensure a tight sealing of the bag and a smooth and beautiful appearance.
3. High-quality photoelectric switches (electric eyes) are used to detect and position the color mark printed on the packaging material, so that the finished packaging product can obtain a complete trademark pattern. (The intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system can automatically eliminate the influence of interference signals caused by abnormal color mark patterns and poorly printed packaging materials, and the operation is stable and reliable.)
4. Automatically print the batch number or production date of the packaged finished product.
5. It is easy to tear on each bag of packaged products, which is convenient for consumers to use.

Performance advantages of powder packaging machine

The working principle of powder packaging machine

A. The powder packaging machine is a combination of machine, electricity, light, and instrument, controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and has the functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, and automatic adjustment of measurement errors.
B. Fast speed: adopt spiral blanking and light control technology
C. High precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology
D. Wide packaging range: The same quantitative packaging machine can be adjusted and replaced with different specifications of the blanking screw within 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard to continuously adjust
E. Wide application range: powder and granular materials with certain fluidity can be powder packaging machine
F. Suitable for quantitative packaging of powder in various packaging containers such as bags, cans, bottles, etc.
G. The error caused by the change of material proportion and material level can be automatically tracked and corrected
H. Photoelectric switch control, only need manual bagging, the bag mouth is clean and easy to seal
I. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevent cross-contamination
J. The feeding device can be configured, which is more convenient for users to use

The working principle of powder packaging machine
User Reviews

What users say about BOSHI PACK

Very good, but everyone needs to consider the size, function and efficiency are very good, there are thoughtful hints and simple installation.


I didn’t know how to use it at first, and then I gradually became familiar with it. It is still very useful. It should be said that it is good value for money and everything is fine.


The material is very simple and has no peculiar smell. It is very convenient to use.


Easy to use, beautiful and delicate machine, clear buttons, good appearance and strong practicability.


The machine is really powerful, very easy to use, and very satisfied


The feeling of use is very good, the material of the packaging bag is good, the thickness is moderate, and the size can be cut at will.


Fine workmanship, sleek linearity, delicate touch, distinct colors, super bass noise, simple and clear button operation, and the design conforms to ergonomics


Easy to operate, high capacity and efficiency, electricity-saving, nice-looking and can work continuously.

Frequently Asked Question

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This machine can pack 1-250g product in one bag.

Generally this machine speed can be 30-60bags/min.

Sure,this machine can pack width is 320mm. It can make bag length :40-200mm It can make bag width:40-150mm

For different bag length,we just need change pramater on the touch screen. For different bag width,we just need according to your bag width to make differnt bag forming to you.

Nope dear,For the liquid,we must use liquid packing machine. For the granule and the powder,may be can share one machine,actual situation please contact us to give you perfect packing solution.

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