Boshi Pack automatic fruit vegetable tray pillow and CE certification

The advantage of the automatic cling film packing machine
1)It combines the functions of automatic packaging, weighing and printing labels to save costs.
2)The packaging is firm and beautiful.
3)Compared with the manual packaging, the Freshare series of products are used to make the packaging more firm and beautiful, which helps to enhance the brand value.
4)More choice of consumables
A variety of films (PVC/PE) are available for cost savings; some brands of similar equipment can only use the specified film.
In addition, it can be packaged with or without trays, and is suitable for trays of various shapes (such as round, hexagon, etc.)
5)High quality material
The whole machine adopts stainless steel to adapt to the corrosive environment such as high humidity; the similar equipment of other brands only partially or completely does not use stainless steel, and is easily corroded under harsh environment.
6)Very comfortable to use
The operation interface is simple in design and fast in response; it adopts special mute processing, which is less noisy and more comfortable to use than other similar devices.
7)Exquisite workmanship
8)Overall welding processing, equipment stability is better than similar equipment of other brands.



Boshi Pack automatic fruit vegetable tray pillow and CE certification


(Suitable for fruit and vegetables, with tray, such as grape, bean sprouts, chili, cabbage, and etc.)
fruit vegetable

Packing machine advantages.


Packing samples.
(such as bread packing, hardware packing, sausage packing, mask packing, and etc.)

(suitable for bread packing, chocolate bar packing, sausage packing, popsicle packing, hardware packing, and etc.)

Material types of roll film.
(such as laminated film, ((PET/ PE, OPP/CPP,OPP/ CE)), paper.

Option Device

CE, ISO, Google partner, Alibaba partner, and Chinese government certifications. 

Packing and Shipping.
(Standard export wooden cases.)
Model BS-15A
Speed 15 bags/ min
Film thickness 0.03-0.1mm
Bag width 80-230 mm
Bag length 80-350 mm
Product height 10-150 mm
Product weight 100 g-3 kg
Cling film width  350-500 mm
Power 1.8 KW
Machine dimensions 840*880*1415 mm 
Machine weight 680 kg
Packing film materials PVC/PE