CE vertical 5g 100g 250g tobacco package machine molasses snus shisha hookah packing machine

1)The servo motor version, high speed output, stable operation, saving time and film.
2)Specific powder counting system controlled by servo motor.
3)Interface features easy and quick setting and operation.
4)High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
5)Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packaging different materials.
6)Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film. 
7)Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
8)All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgraded.



CE vertical 5g 100g 250g tobacco package machine molasses snus shisha hookah packing machine

Product advantages:

1. The machine is controlled by double SCM (single chip) system and a LCD in English display.
2. The clear man-machine interface is easy to understand. All operation by press keys for: temperature setting, length setting, counting setting, photo control, heating, mixing, move, run, stop.
3. Special and particular intelligence protection take the machine to auto stop to get the protection and display the fail information when the machine fail in temperature control, color mark hunt control and film finish.
4. Two temperature controller to control the sealing temperature
5. The bag length is controlled by electronic photo switch. The bag length will be cut accurately. When the photo errs, the machine will stop and display “photo errs”.
6. When the packaging film is empty or broken, the machine will stop and display “film end”.
7. The intelligent counter: you can set the counter to a data you need, the machine will stop and take alarm when reach the data you set.
8. The working is stable, easy to use, high yield and low wastage.





          Packing samples 50g/bag,Package weight can be adjusted freelyyes

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