horizontal packing machine for packing Shisha tobacco 250g

Full automatic production line with 2 in 1 functions( extruding and packing functions)
 ï¬Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution and deformation
 ï¬Easy operation and clean 
 ï¬High speed for cutting and packing
 ï¬Accurate length cutting 
 ï¬Stable performance
 ï¬With patent
 ï¬Easy operation and clean
 ï¬Use different cutting knife for different product
 ï¬2 touch screens (extruder & packing machine) for convenient operation 
 ï¬Fit for different product length




        Horizontal packing machine for packing Shisha tobacco 250g

Packing samples 50g/bag,Packaging weight can be customized 50g~250g~1000g yes


                                        Packing samples 50g/box,packing box's size also can be customized, 
                                            welcome contact,we'll give the best  Suggestions and solution



* Full automatic soft materials production line with extruding and packing functions,

Fast speed for cutting and packing.
* Touch screens (for extruder & packing machine)to make two parts can work
* Contact parts use food grade SUS304 stainless steel,save and clean.
* Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution and deformation.
* Accurate length cutting, high gram precision.
* Machine with stable performance,easy operation.
* Independent PID temperature control, good for different packing film sealing.
* With auto alarm function,any alarm will show on touch screen.


1. What does your after-sales services?

Manual Installation Book, video support, on-line support. Also engineers overseas.

2. Are you factory or trading company? 

We are the factory, we doing this line for more than 15 years.

3. What's your payment way? 

T/T by our bank account directly,  or by West Union, or in cash.

4. How can we make sure about the machine quality after we put the order? 

Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the quality,

and also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in the third party inspection organization.

We provide horizontal packing machine, if you are interested in this, please contact us.

Package cut length
Product width
Product height
Film thickness
Packaging material width
Film weight
max. 25KG
Packing material
power supply
Power usage
Type of sealing
Pillow bag
Cutter type
Rotary cutter
Motor configuration
Servo motor
Machine weight