CE professional playdough extruding packing machine manufacturer

 Full automatic production line with 2 in 1 functions( extruding and packing functions)
 Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution and deformation
 Easy operation and clean 
 High speed for cutting and packing
 Accurate length cutting 
 Stable performance
 With patent
 Easy operation and clean
 Use different cutting knife for different product
 2 touch screens (extruder & packing machine) for convenient operation 
 Fit for different product length


CE professional playdough extruding packing machine manufacturer

Packing samples.
Suitable for packing the color mud, light mud, sealant, fire mud, and etc.

Packing machine details.

(CE, ISO, Google partner, Alibaba partner, and Chinese government certifications.) 

Packing and Shipping.
(Standard export wooden cases.)

Model BS-350XL
Film width Max.350mm
Film thickness 0.03-0.1mm
Bag width 50-160 mm
Bag length 65-190 mm, 90-220mm, or 150-330 mm
Product height 40-60 mm
Packing speed 40-180 bags/ min
Power 7 KW
Machine dimensions 4020*770*1450 mm
Machine weight 1100 kg
Option devices Date printer, hole puncher, label machine
Packing film materials OPP, CPP, OPP/PE, PET/ PE, Aluminum, and etc.