Adjustment method of powder packing machine

Nov 13, 2021

powder packing machine is an important equipment for packaging powder products. If the machine can automatically complete the measurement, filling, sealing, cutting and other operations, then the packaging accuracy and speed are directly related to the pitch, bottom diameter and spiral shape of the outer diameter machine.

The powder packing machine adopts PLC control system, so the quality is greatly guaranteed. The interface can be controlled on the touch screen to easily set parameters. This is more convenient for users to use.

The packaging accuracy of the powder packing machine is directly related to the outer diameter of the spiral. The relationship between the packaging accuracy and the pitch and the relationship between the pitch, provided that the outer diameter of the spiral is determined before the comparison. Under normal circumstances, when selecting the metering screw for the powder packing machine, it should be determined according to the packaging specifications, and the proportion of materials should be adjusted appropriately.

The powder packing machine is a small-dose packaging machine. Therefore, the packaging specifications are usually controlled within the range of 5g to 5000g. The common feeding method is spiral punching, and there is no measurement method for instant weighing. Spiral blanking belongs to volume measurement mode. The volume of each interval is the basic condition that determines the measurement accuracy of the powder packing machine.

Therefore, when adjusting the packaging of the powder packing machine, the vertical packaging machine can be adjusted according to the above adjustment method, so that the packaging accuracy of the packaging machine can be improved. The powder packing machine can realize the powder metering and filling process, which can be adjusted according to specific needs.