Development and selection of clay extruding packing machine

Oct 10, 2020

At the beginning of 2010, Boshi used a 100-up paper machine to equip the mud squeezing machine. The length of the encoder was measured by 7 sets of plastic king wheels to support, and then 4 cutters (with intermediate blades) were rotated by a stepping motor. The mud is cut through the belt, and then onto the rotating pallet, and then discharged to the top-feeding paper packaging machine for packaging. This type of machinery has fast packaging speed, but the packaging range is small, and the largest mud can go to 30 diameters. And can only make round mud. Adjustment is very troublesome, and it is very difficult for people who are not familiar with it. People who are familiar with it think the speed is faster. Easy to use. This model 100L is only suitable for plasticine, color clay and flour clay. The price is very expensive, at the time it sold for about 120,000 to 160,000.
Later, it was discovered that the mud extruder was used with 350 paper feeds, and the tailstock was used to cut the mud with a dual frequency converter. Each package was packaged and the cutter cut one knife. Use the blade method. By controlling the speed of the squeezer to control the length of the mud. It is also only suitable for plasticine, color clay and flour clay. At that time, I felt that this method was less costly, so I bought one and studied it, and found that it was relatively simple and had many shortcomings. It is very troublesome to adjust the packing machine material level. The engineer researched and modified it to independently control the cutter by the servo motor, and control the cycle time of each package as a delay to adjust the material position of the packaging machine. The machine can basically save costs and simplify the structure. The packaging machine only needs all the mechanical structure of the tailstock section. A new 350XL machine appeared. It is easier to adjust and more convenient for novices. But it is also limited to flour clay, plasticine and color clay.
Later, the market wind changed and new mud species appeared. Super light clay, light mud. This kind of mud is very light, the blade cuts, it will brush, and it is impossible to cut the mud. Later, Boshi engineers discovered that scissors can cut mud without drawing silk, and then designed a cutter that mimics the way of scissors. Rotate both sides in opposite directions to the point where the mud is tangent. It can solve the problem of automatic packaging of light mud. A new generation of light mud packaging machine is available. However, this type of mud cutter also has a problem that the position of the cutter should be adjusted better, and the staff of the customer's workshop may not operate properly, and it is easy for the two cutters to fight and cause malfunction. Square, large diameter mud cannot be packed either.
Later, the engineer discovered that the cutting knife of the moon cake preservative casting machine, two knives cut side by side, but not fully opened, can completely solve the problem of knife fighting. In this way, Ye Gong designed a brand new cutting method, which cuts up and down. This cutter can deal with light mud, square mud, fondant and other large-packaged and strange products.
With the passage of time, I gradually came into contact with many types of mud in the market, and there were many flexible products. Faced with various products such as clay clay, air-conditioning clay and sealing clay, the squeezing speed of the squeezing machine is fast and slow. The packaged products vary in length and cannot satisfy customers' use. Later, a model was designed that used an encoder to test the length of the mud, and then cut it, but this could not be matched with the packaging machine, and the cutter was controlled by the encoder. With the evolution and change of packaging machines, a new servo packaging machine without push block packaging machine appeared. In this way, the squeezing machine is only responsible for extruding, the encoder is only responsible for calculating the length and cutting off the sludge, and the rear section is matched with the belt of the non-pushing packaging machine. Automatic detection is synchronized with the packaging machine. A new three-servo mud squeezing packaging line with mud length measurement is now available.
The development of the squeezing machine started with the single screw squeezing machine. It was found that the squeezing amount was not enough to affect the speed, and it was upgraded to a double screw squeezing machine.
Later, with the extrusion packaging, the products are larger, such as fondant. It is upgraded to a super large diameter screw extruding screw. However, it is troublesome for customers to clean and disassemble. The screw weighs tens of kilograms and requires several people to disassemble and wash a clay extruding packing machine. Later, it was discovered that there were twin-screw extrusion machinery abroad, which extruded plastic. The twin-screw squeezing mud has a small screw, but due to the two left-right-rotating screws, the mud output is relatively large, and the disassembly and installation are more convenient. The structure of the reduction box is improved, and the manufacturing cost is relatively reduced.
Mechanical selection: Now no one has done single-screw ones, and they all do twin-screw ones. You can choose a twin-screw extruder with a rotary cutter and a double-frequency conversion packaging machine for flour paste. This is fast and the cut is beautiful. Flour mud (multi-shape) light mud, individual soft air-conditioning mud, and soft clay can be extruded evenly. You can choose a twin-screw extruder with upper and lower cutters and a double frequency conversion packaging machine (this Suitable for relatively sticky materials). You can also choose a twin-screw extruder with a belt up and down cutter and a packaging machine (this type is not suitable for sticky materials). For harder air-conditioning mud, pottery mud, and fire-resistant mud, an encoder is used to measure the length, equipped with upper and lower cutters, belts, and a servo packaging machine. For fondant, a large twin-screw extruder is required, because the general packaging is 500 grams, and 1000 grams is more. If the clay is harder, it should be equipped with a vacuum squeezing machine and a three-servo clay extruding packing machine. To squeeze out hot mud or mud with a relatively low melting point, add water to cool the structure. To be produced in a hot environment, it is harder. To add heating structure.