Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine

May 19, 2022

Are you looking for a supplier that offers professional packaging shisha machine packaging solutions for your tobacco products? From the high-speed container, unscramblers to check weighers and labelers. No need to go to such trouble! BOSHI tobacco pouch packing machine integrates weighing, bagging, filling, sealing, printing, punching, and counting in one.

Whether you are looking to add a new production facility to expand your product lines or need to replace old equipment, tobacco pouch packing machines will make the whole packaging operation more efficient and faster while reducing labor costs.

Boshi offers state-of-the-art solutions in the form of a fully automated tobacco pouch packaging machines. And the entire packaging line of our shisha machine packaging runs with the help of the following components.

Centralized Control Panel

The centralized control panel allows you to operate the entire plant from one location, and it also displays all important information. That means you can monitor the plant health and the individual status of all machines in use through the centralized control panel. If any packaging machines need to maintain or inspected, it will turn to alarm status.

The parameter options window allows the operator to manage the speed of the entire process and easily adjust production efficiency. In addition, the central control panel supports multiple languages, allowing workers to operate smoothly and comfortably. So, you only need to focus on setting productivity and making sure the feeder is full to get the desired output.

Sorting Unit

The tobacco pouch packaging line starts at the hopper and the sorting unit, which is designed to be fed in a vertical layout and transferred to a conveyor connected to the packing machine. And the tobacco pouch packing machine bags the target items such as tobacco and snuff based on weight settings.
CE vertical tobacco package machine

Packing Machine

Two temperature controllers control the sealing temperature, and the electronic photoelectric switch controls the bag length, bag length can be cut accurately. And with special intelligent protection, when the machine fails in temperature control, color mark hunt control, and film finish, the machine stops automatically to display the failure message and get protection.

Sealing & Labelling

Next, the packed goods are sent to the labeling machine that wraps the sealed with your brand label, date, and other information. So, at the end of the packaging line, you will get the finished products ready for shipment. With the intelligent counter, you can set the counter to the data you need, and the machine will stop and alarm when the data you set is reached.


This automatic tobacco pouch packing machine allows you to build dynamic packaging lines tailored to your production goals. As a result, filling and packaging accuracy can perfectly meet industry standards, with zero to minimal waste in the process. Ensure that the entire fully automated production process is in good condition from the central panel to the packaged product. A fully automated shisha machine packaging line is ideal for any business looking to expand turnover without over-relying on worker availability.

We are a professional and trusted packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our tobacco pouch packing machines are suitable for the packaging of shisha, hookah, molasses tobacco, and any other type of hookah tobacco. All of our packaging machines are known for their robust construction, superior performance, and low maintenance.

We offer a number of hookah tobacco packaging machines across the world. If you're not sure which tobacco pouch packing machine is right for you, contact our experienced sales team to get the tobacco packaging solutions that we can offer based on your packaging needs. If you have unique requirements for custom tobacco pouch packaging equipment, we can work closely with you to develop the ideal tobacco packaging machine.