Find The Best Clay Extruding Packing Machine in 2022

Mar 18, 2022

Nowadays, a number of consumer goods are organized into several individual packages to ensure the safety and convenience of shipping, the integrity of goods, and improve the satisfaction of buyers. In a word, the popularity of bagged production and sales results in high demand for packaging machines. You can find various packaging machines in both industrial and commercial fields. 

As we all know, people tend to regard the packaging machine as an economical way to improve production rates while saving production costs. However, there are all kinds of packaging machines at different qualities and prices in the market. Finding the most suitable clay extruding packing machine based on your needs is not an easy task. But you will figure out this question after reading through this article.

Details About Clay Extruding Packing Machine

The clay extruding packing machine can automatically finish a series of processes, including extrusion, forming, cutting, packaging, and date printing, providing complete and nice packaging and saving labor costs. The automatic plasticine packing machine is not only suitable for the automatic packaging of modeling clay, play dough, slime, sugar paste, fire mud, and more soft materials, but even more food products, such as energy bars, tamarind fruit, etc.
 Clay Extruding Packing Machine

The fully automatic two-in-one (extrusion and packaging function) production line of clay extruding packing machine is the first choice for customizing all kinds of single-color or multi-color molding and packaging. In general, the feeding material is mixed in the SUS 304 extrusion hopper with a double screw of modeling clay extruder machine, then extruded to the modeling clay cutting machine/cutting table for high-speed-cutting, and sent to the modeling clay packing machine with the conveyor belt.

Features of Clay Extruding Packing Machine

Full automatic playdough extrusion and packing machine production line with extruding and packing functions, is easy to operate, fast speed for cutting and packaging. Two touch screens, one for the color clay packing machine and one for the color clay extruder, ensure smooth and controllable operation.

Auto alarm function

Any alarm will show on the touch screen to avoid all dangers.

PID temperature control

The independent PID temperature control makes it possible to apply different packaging films for sealing.

Double row gear reducer

Fully sealed gearbox with simple and functional design, eliminating redundant positions and increasing lifespan and stability. 

 Components of clay extruding packing machine

Double screws

Double screws can increase extrusion capacity and provide high efficiency and stability to ensure product quality, making automatic clay packing machines suitable for multiple products. 

High-quality SUS 304 stainless steel

The squeezer and contact parts are applied with top-quality SUS 304 stainless steel material with integrated welding, which can directly contact food, strong acid & alkaline products. It provides a clean way to reduce manual operation and avoid touching products without pollution and deformation.

Servo extrusion and cutting device

Accurate length cutting, high gram precision and high measurement accuracy. The small footprint but high-performance servo system provides high-speed for cutting and packing, which is a perfect solution to the waste of clay materials in the packaging process. In addition, the open box structure is easy for cleaning and maintenance, making the automatic modeling clay extruder ideal for molding and cutting light clay and soft materials.

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