Explanation of professional vffs packing machine

Jul 30, 2021

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As more and more people accept and use self-supporting pouches and flat-bottomed bags, more and more people are asking: "Can I produce self-supporting pouches made by HFFS horizontal packaging machine on the VFFS vertical packaging machine?" The answer is yes Yes, but there are some situations to consider! This article provides you with a correct understanding of the differences between the HFFS horizontal packaging machine and the VFFS vertical packaging machine technology. I hope you will successfully pass the major hurdles to achieve this important goal.
Key things to consider


1. Packaging material type

2. Sealing process consideration: multi-station heat sealing and cooling

3. Filling volume:

    3.1. Filling when the bag is fully opened (HFFS);

    3.2. Matters needing attention when adding zippers during production filling (VFFS)

4. Floor area of ​​the equipment

5. Transform the existing VFFS vertical packaging machine to produce stand-up pouches

6. Flexibility of bag type

The fundamental difference of each machine operation mode will inevitably lead to restrictions on packaging materials. A horizontal packaging machine unrolls the film roll and runs it on the forming plow to form a vertical bag with a gusset at the bottom, just like a self-supporting bag.

The horizontal film path on the forming plow surface minimizes the force required to pull the film through the machine. In a vertical packaging machine, the film roll rolls up the film roll, and then pulls over the forming collar when the direction change is greater than 90⁰. This change in direction requires more force than a typical vertical packaging machine. Therefore, harder films (such as paper/plastic/foil/polymer materials) are usually more difficult to use with vertical packaging machines, and require an unwinding device to help push the film roll away from the back of the film roll holder.

In addition, the coefficient of friction inside the film roll used for the vertical packaging machine must be different from the coefficient of friction outside the film roll, so that the film roll can be formed correctly