Introduction and characteristics of fruit packing machine

Aug 12, 2021

Introduction of fruit vacuum packaging machine:

Microcomputer program control is adopted, and working procedures such as vacuum control and sealing can be set according to needs, so that the vacuum packaging and sealing are more consistent. The machine is simple in structure, stable in performance, convenient in maintenance, etc., short and small space cover classification, complete the whole process of vacuuming, printing, cooling, and setting the vacuum of the outlet according to the procedures. The goods and insects packed by the large-path packaging machine can prevent oxidation, change, decay, and dampness to extend the product retention period. The vacuum pump equipped with Zhucheng Runyang Machinery has a strong vacuum capacity. The size of the medium vacuum chamber is the standard size. If the customer has For special requirements, we can customize the vacuum pumping machine according to customer requirements

1. Fully made of 304 stainless steel

2. This machine has the function of vacuum and sealing completion, and the date and batch number can be printed at the same time as the sealing.

3. Using high-quality vacuum pump, the pumping speed is fast.

4. Special specifications and sizes can be customized.
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