customized salt packing machine

Jul 30, 2021

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Produce a single standard machine, and a flexible and convenient modular packaging production line. The modular concept refers to tailor-made for customers, providing different packaging forms including pillow-based vertical packaging machines, stand-up bag-feeding packaging machines, granular and powder filling machines, liquid packaging machines, tube filling machines, etc. Yes, ordinary salt and variety of salt, a complete set of production and packaging solutions, complete the automated and efficient process system from a single product to the entire box shipment.
History is advancing, technology is advancing, and society is developing. We must use a scientific concept of development to position the salt industry and customers we are engaged in; we must abandon the concept of traditional salt packaging equipment that is backward, unable to break through and innovate! Improving production efficiency, reducing human resource costs, reducing labor intensity, reducing equipment maintenance costs, and reducing production energy consumption must be one of the rules for companies to remain invincible in market competition in the future.

Since entering the salt packaging industry in 2002, through more than ten years of growth, we have accumulated rich customer experience, and our products have undergone 4 generations of continuous improvement and perfection. In the field of salt packaging, our products are known for their energy conservation and environmental protection, high production efficiency, low failure rate, and high automation and intelligence.

Respecting your choice and fulfilling the promise to you is our responsibility and mission!