What are the characteristics of the vertical packing machine?

Apr 15, 2021

The vertical packing machine is suitable for packaging various non-sticky or slightly sticky powdery packaging such as puffed food, shrimp crackers, peanuts, popcorn, potato chips, etc. The packaging machine is suitable for packaging requirements in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries. So what are the characteristics of the vertical packing machine?

1. The vertical packing machine adopts a new generation of imported microcomputer control system, man-machine interface automatic operating system, Chinese and English display, digital control, simple and easy to understand operation, which not only realizes the simplification of operation, but also ensures the production of computers automation. The packaging status is displayed on the LCD screen at any time, which is very convenient and helps to grasp the production packaging situation at any time.

2. The vertical packing machine adopts a high-quality temperature control system, an intelligent digital automatic constant temperature, and an imported hot line to ensure the temperature error, save power, and ensure the aesthetics and tightness of the packaged product.

3. The film pulling system uses an imported stepping motor to differentially pull the film, and cooperates with the German approach to the beginning of the induction device to reduce the error of film feeding, so as to ensure the accuracy of film feeding. The vertical packing machine has the advantages of low noise, fast film delivery, anti-slip, uniform film delivery, etc.

4. It adopts imported high-precision ball bearings to operate, and works with high-frequency processing of hard chrome strips to ensure the stability of the machine to a large extent. The mechanical structure is very reasonable, the matching precision is high, and the action is even, so that the packaging speed is faster and the packaging effect is better.

5. The vertical packing machine adopts a photoelectric control deviation correction system, which can be achieved in one step, and the packaging pattern can be cut out within a package, which will not waste the packaging film and improve the packaging efficiency.