Precautions for the use of hardware packing machine

Aug 12, 2021

The hardware screw packaging machine adopts an advanced microcomputer packaging controller and an excellent micro-control contact mode, so that the speed, bag length, and cut point position detection can be directly displayed on the interface. It is widely used in the hardware screw packaging industry. In addition to the quality of the machine itself, the quality, speed and operation of the packaging cannot be ignored during the production and development of the hardware screw packaging machine.
Keep away from sharp objects before and after packaging to avoid scratches and air leakage. The vacuum packaging operation is best performed on a clean surface. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold them inside and put them in the collection bag. When storing in a cabinet or other local area, also pay attention to whether there are sharp objects in the storage address to ensure that the packaging bag is intact.
Make sure that the seal is cleaned. If fiber or dust enters, it will reduce the sealing function. If it is found to be dirty, it needs to be cleaned before use. You should also pay attention to cleanliness in normal storage. After packaging, you need to check the seal of the packaging bag again to ensure that it is sealed. This process is very important to ensure the safety of the goods in the later stages.
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