Introduction of pouch packing machine

Jul 30, 2021

Our main products pouch packing machine,pre-made pouch packing machine,etc.
This machine is composed of manual bagging→bag lifting mechanism→vertical traction→bag conveyor, camera system and control system. The entire process is accompanied by a positive pressure and negative pressure detection system. The entire process is intelligently controlled by PLC and photoelectric switches to detect and alarm. Ensure that the entire process is stable, reliable, and continuous operation.

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the packaging scale adopts a vertical feeder for forced feeding, which is connected to the upper storage hopper through a connecting flange. It is mainly composed of auger, perforation, motor, transmission device and other parts. The feeding mechanism is mainly connected with the upper storage hopper through a connecting flange. Feeding is divided into fast feeding and slow feeding to increase the packaging speed, and slow feeding is the guarantee of the accuracy of the system. The additional pneumatic device at the outlet is closed, which can strengthen the control ability of the material output to prevent the falling of the machine cabin when the material is stopped and affect the packaging accuracy of the system.

This packaging machine is suitable for packaging fine powder packaging, and can realize a non-packaged fine powder workshop, and the weighing is super large