How to maintain the powder packing machine?

Dec 18, 2020

With the rapid development of modern industry, technology is rapidly improving. So how to maintain the powder packing machine after purchase? 

Basic maintenance. Routine maintenance of the powder packing machine focuses on cleaning and smoothing and fastening of parts. During the operation of the machine and after the task is completed, the maintenance procedures must be performed in strict accordance with the standards. Focus on checking each relevant component and its parts, and tighten it smoothly. When cleaning, check the clutch, transmission, transmission and brake components of the powder packing machine.

Critical test. The maintenance of the powder packing machine focuses on detecting, adjusting and eliminating hidden dangers, and balancing the degree of wear of each component. Regularly perform diagnostic tests and self-checks on components that affect the performance of the powder packing machine equipment and components with signs of failure, and then make changes, adjustments and troubleshooting, which can extend its service life. The powder packing machine is inseparable from daily inspection.

powder packing machine

Seasonal maintenance. The powder packing machine will also be maintained according to different seasons. For example, before entering the summer or winter every year, one must concentrate on checking and repairing the power system, conveying system and control system. The control system refers to the control cabinet. This part of maintenance must be completed under the guidance of after-sales engineers. In addition, the machine needs to be stopped for a period of time during the winter rest period, while cleaning tasks must be carried out to prevent moisture and corrosion.

The powder packing machine is suitable for major industries such as medicine and chemistry. It is cheap, easy to use, and can also save manpower and time. It is a very popular machine that is convenient for everyone's life.