Find The Best Tobacco Packing Machine

Nov 30, 2022

Are you looking for professional packaging solutions for your tobacco products? Indeed, the tobacco packing machine is a high-performance production facility that can effectively expand the range of products.

Also, suppose you want to replace the tobacco wrapping machine or other old equipment. In that case, a shisha packing machine is a perfect option for shisha machine packaging to enhance your tobacco product packaging business. In short, the shisha packaging machine will enable you to pack more efficiently and faster while reducing labor costs.

Snus Packing Machine Applications

The snus packing machine is easy to use with high filling precision and low noise, ensuring a stable shisha machine packaging with high yield and low wastage. In addition, the packaged weight of the snuff packing machine can be adjusted freely according to your requirements.

And there are multiple functions available for hookah packaging machines, including the auto-measure function, the sensor detects function, smart touch screen control, etc., which are stable performance and long life in use.

Therefore, the tobacco packing machine has a wide range of applications, perfect for in the sachet/box packaging of sticky and bad fluidity materials, including creams, fruit jam, shisha, snus, hookah, molasses, tobacco, hookah ointment, hookah, Arabia water ointment, Turkey water ointment, alpha FAK, fine cut/long cut tobacco, e-cigarette pens, chewing tobacco, cigarette oil, etc.


Hookah Packaging Machine

Model BS-350XL
Package cut length 65-200mm
Product width max.165mm
Product height max.60mm
Film thickness 40-80μm
Packaging material width max.350mm
Film weight max. 25KG
Packing material OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE, etc.
power supply 380V,50HZ
Power usage 5.5kw-7kw
Type of sealing Pillow bag
Cutter type Rotary cutter
Motor configuration Servo motor
Machine weight 1000kg

Tobacco Wrapping Machine



  • * The working of this snuff packing machine is stable, easy to use, high yield, and low wastage.
  • * Two temperature controllers of the shisha packaging machine control the sealing temperature.
  • * This tobacco packing machine is controlled by a double SCM (single chip) system and an LCD in English display.
  • * The clear man-machine interface is easy to understand. All operations by pressing keys for temperature setting, length setting, counting setting, photo control, heating, mixing, moving, running, stop.
  • * Special and particular intelligence protection takes the machine to auto stop to get the protection and display the fail information when the machine fails in temperature control, color mark hunt control, and film finish.
  • * An electronic photo switch controls the bag length. The bag length will be cut accurately. When the photo errs, the machine will stop and display "photo errs". When the packaging film is empty or broken, the snuff packing machine will stop and display "film end".

* The intelligent counter: you can set the counter to the data you need, and the machine will stop and take an alarm when reaching the data you set.


If you're unsure how to choose the hookah packaging machine, please get in touch with BOSHI Packaging! We offer top-quality tobacco packing machines at an affordable tobacco pouch packing machine price. And we can also provide various shisha machine packaging solutions and custom shisha packaging machines based on your specifications.