Top 3 Clay Extruding Packing Machines

Oct 31, 2022

The clay extruding packing machine is an entry-level extruder play dough packaging machinery with high efficiency and fully automatic functions. In general, the clay extruding packing machine offers a fully automatic production line with 2 in 1 function - extruding and packing parts.

What Is The Clay Extruding Packing Machine?

Working principle – The clay is screwed out by the modeling clay extruder machine, then cut with the requested weight and length, and delivered to the feeding conveyor of the modeling clay packing machine for packaging.

The clay extruding packing machine has a simplified mechanical structure with less vibration and wear, which is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Independent temperature control can ensure beautiful and tight sealing, suitable for a wide variety of packing materials, such as color mud, sugar fondant, plasticine, crystal mud, magic toy play dough, etc. It not only can help to reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, with no pollution and deformation but also easy to operate and clean, high speed for cutting and packing.

Sugar Fondant Extruder Machine

* Full automatic soft materials production line with extruding and packing functions, fast speed for cutting and packing.
* 2 touch screens (for extruder & packing machine)to make two machines can work separately or together.
* Contact parts use food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, save and clean.
* Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products with no pollution and deformation.
* Accurate length cutting, high gram precision.
* Machine with stable performance and easy operation.
* Independent PID temperature control, good for different packing film sealing.
* With the auto alarm function, any alarm will show on the touch screen.

Colorful Magic Clay Packing Machine


Double row gear reducer

increase life and stability
fully sealed gearbox
simple and functional compact design, eliminating redundant positions.

Double screw

increase extrusion capacity, high efficiency
increase stability and ensure product quality
suitable for multiple products

304 squeezer

304 integrated welding
Can strong acid & alkaline product
Machine table supports raw materials and assists production


Light Clay Packaging Machine

  • Full automatic production line with 2 in 1 functions (extruding and packing functions)
  • Reduce manual operation and avoid touching products, no pollution, and deformation
  • Easy operation and clean 
  • High speed for cutting and packing

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