How is the vertical packing machine packaging?

May 20, 2021

The whole structure of the vertical packing machine is compact, firm, reasonable in design and simple. Using photoelectric eye control system, stepping motor to pull film, packaging machine is reliable, stable performance and low noise. The packaging machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which has more stable operation, lower noise and low failure rate.

The vertical packing machine is suitable for packaging various powders, granules, tablets and other fragile objects. Such as skittles, pills, salt, food and other items. The vertical packing machine is suitable for the packaging of granular, short, and vermicelli materials such as fried food, shrimp crackers, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, washing powder, etc.
The vertical packing machine is fed by the material stretching and feeding device during the packaging process. The plastic film passes through the film cylinder to form a cylindrical shape, and the side is sealed by the hot vertical sealing device. At the same time, the package is injected into the bag, and the horizontal sealing mechanism is based on The color code photoelectric detection device cuts the length and position of the package.

In the process of packaging using a vertical packing machine, you can follow the above packaging method to carry out packaging, and the correct way to use the packaging machine is what we need.