The structural characteristics of the pillow packing machine.

Feb 21, 2021

After so many years of development, the pillow packing machine has been developed in all aspects, and it has a pivotal position in the production process of many industries. It can be seen that the pillow packing machine has considerable development prospects. It attracts a large number of enterprises and manufacturers to invest in its production, which greatly stimulates the pillow packing machine market. The following are the structural characteristics of the pillow packing machine:

The pillow packing machine is controlled by dual inverters, and the bag length can be set according to product requirements. It can be achieved in one step, which saves time and film.

The pillow packing machine has a man-machine interface operating system, which can freely set parameters, one-key operation, simple and convenient operation, reducing labor, thereby reducing production costs.

The pillow packing machine has its own fault diagnosis function inside the machine. And has independent PID control of temperature, which is better suitable for various material coatings.

pillow packing machine high-sensitivity photoelectric color code tracking, sealing and cutting position is accurate and safe. And it has a positioning stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of film.

All control systems of the pillow packing machine are controlled and operated by advanced software, which is convenient for the adjustment of equipment functions and technical upgrades.