Introduction to the structural characteristics of the nut packaging machine.

Jan 27, 2021

Nowadays, all aspects of many equipments are automated, and the nut packaging machine is one of them. Only one person can complete the entire packaging process. Therefore, the packaging machine has brought unimaginable convenience to food factories.

First, the structural characteristics of the nut packaging machine:

1. Nut packaging machine is composed of imported programmable controller and servo motor, equipped with large display touch screen, which constitutes the core of drive control, simple and convenient operation.

2. The nut packaging machine automatically completes the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, bag filling, bagging, date printing and product transportation by cooperating with the metering device.

3. It has perfect automatic alarm protection function, and low loss, which is helpful for troubleshooting in time.

4. Intelligent thermostat is used to make the sealing more beautiful and smooth.

5. It has the function of cutting single bag and multiple bags, and is equipped with punching device.

6. The equipment of the nut packing machine is firm, stable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

nut packaging machine

Second, the performance characteristics of the nut packaging machine:

1. The nut packing machine is configured with a double film conveying mechanism, which has low film pulling resistance and fast conveying speed.

2. The processes of automatic product weighing, bag production, date printing, sealing and packaging can be completed at one time.

3. The nut packaging machine adopts a computer automatic control system to make its operation more stable, and any parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

4. The nut packaging machine can store ten sets of parameters, so it is more accurate when changing varieties.

5. The servo motor is used to pull and touch to make the positioning more accurate.

6. Possesses a variety of packaging methods, such as back cover, gusset, four-sided ironing, four-sided sealing, standing pouch, flat pouch, punching, etc.