Tips for Choosing Fully Automatic Seeds Packaging Machine

Apr 20, 2022

Automatic packing is the process of packaging products without the need for manual human intervention. Over the years, automated packaging systems have transitioned from automating every step with singular machines to now integrating all steps seamlessly into the entire packaging process.

This article will discuss how to select the best fully automatic seeds packaging machine to fit your needs. In order to give you a better understanding of the performance and characteristics of the seeds sachet packaging machine, we take the BOSHI sunflower seed automatic packing machine as an example.


Overall introduction

This automatic seed packaging machine integrates weighing, bagging, filling, sealing, printing, punching, and counting in one. The control components and configurations are of high quality, and work efficiently and stably. And the practical design ensures that the machine is easy to adjust, operate and maintain.

This automatic packaging equipment can make the packaging film directly into bags and complete the operation of measuring, filling, coding, and cutting during the bag making process. And the packaging materials are generally plastic composite film, aluminum platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, and so on. The bag sealing style is also optional, too. The high degree of automation and food safety standards make it especially suitable for the automatic packaging of small-size products such as seeds, cocoa beans, walnuts, spices, and puffed food in large quantities.


Specific features & characteristics

1. Bilingual LCD display in English and Chinese, easy to understand and operate with good stability performance.

2. The safety protection and alarm function of the seeds packaging machine can effectively prevent accidents from happening.

3. The packaging machine adopts an external film release structure, making the installation of packaging film simpler and more accessible.

4. Packing capacity, inner bag, outer bag and label all can be adjusted according to different requirements of users in order to achieve the ideal packaging effect.

5. Heat sealing with double-way temperature control design, intelligent temperature control, ensuring good heat balance and sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

6. Stable and reliable high-precision output PLC control can automatically complete quantitative feeding, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, cutting, finished product output, labeling, printing, and various tasks. 

7. The seeds sachet packing machine adopts the PLC control system with humanized design, high degree of automation, self-alarm, self-stop, and self-diagnosis of fault, simple and safe to use, quick maintenance.



The automatic seed packing machine is suitable for filling powder and granular materials. So it is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide, starch, grain, and other industries. Besides that, as a professional packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in China, BOSHI also offers many other high-performance automatic packaging machines at affordable prices. Please feel free to message us at to get more information!