Application range and characteristics of nuts packing machine

Oct 11, 2021

The nuts packing machine is a fully automated and intelligent model, which is widely used in the packaging market. It is an ideal equipment for quantitative packaging of granular materials and powder materials, such as: melon seeds, pistachios, peanuts, corn, tea, nuts, mothballs, Raisins, almonds, nuts, small hardware, plastic parts and other granular, flake, strip, irregular shaped materials are quantitatively weighed, counted and packaged.
1. This machine adopts intermittent operation mechanism, the packaged products are beautiful and the flatness is high. And it has a wide range of applications for packaging coils. The straight screw feeding method is adopted to effectively avoid the dust generated by the powder material in the free fall from adhering to the packaging seal, so as to achieve a better sealing effect.
2. All-stainless steel exterior, the contact material part is made of stainless steel 304, which meets the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP/food QS specifications.
3. The nut packaging machine adopts an advanced microcomputer dual control system to accurately adjust the metering and bag length. All functions adopt button operation and LCD display, which can automatically complete all tasks such as bag making, label tracking, metering, filling, sealing, hot pressing batch number, cutting, counting, easy-to-tear incision and so on.
4. The overall unloading mechanism adopts a longitudinal adjustment device, and the screw sleeve and the hopper are connected by a locking buckle, and the remaining materials can be quickly cleaned up without any tools.