The scope and characteristics of the nut packaging machine.

Nov 28, 2021

The nut packaging machine is one of the indispensable equipment to complete the production of bag packaging. It is widely used in the packaging market and is an automated equipment for quantitative packaging of granular materials. For example: melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, and other granular, flake, strip, irregular shaped materials are quantitatively weighed, counted and packaged.

The nut packaging machine can not only adjust any parameters without stopping the machine, but also can store ten sets of parameters, and the accuracy of changing varieties is high.

It is a mechanical product integrating automatic quantitative feeding, bag making and bagging. Its body is designed with stainless steel, it will not pollute the material when it comes in contact with the material, and it can automatically complete all processes such as quantitative blanking, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, slitting, output of finished products, labeling, printing, etc. jobs. It adopts a modular design and is extremely versatile. It can achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions by using different metering devices.

Main features of nut packing machine:

1. The contact part of the nut packaging machine with the material is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with a touch screen display, and its operation is intuitive and simple.

2. The PLC computer control system is adopted, and the operation is more stable. Not only can any parameter be adjusted without stopping the machine, but also ten groups of parameters can be stored, and the accuracy of changing the variety is high.

3. The nut packaging machine is controlled by three servo motors, and the film pulling speed is not only faster but more accurate.

3. The packaging styles are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, continuous bag, punching, etc.

5. The nut packaging machine adopts an intelligent two-way temperature controller, which can be well applied to various packaging materials such as composite film, PE film, etc., so as to ensure that the horizontal and vertical seals are more beautiful and smooth.

6. The processes of bag making, sealing, packaging and date printing can be completed at one time.