How to operate the granule packing machine?

May 18, 2021

The granule packing machine can pack granular, strip, block and all kinds of irregular granular products. The operation of the granule packing machine mainly has the following points:
1. Before opening the granule packing machine, it is necessary to check whether the specifications of the weighed container and the bag maker of the packaging machine are within the set parameters.

2. Check whether the packaging coil is installed on the mold-loading device and whether the film-loading device is fixed. If the packaging film is in a fixed position, you need to pass the film through the photo eye holder when threading the film, adjust the positioning point to reflect when the photo eye passes, and adjust the packaging material in the paper roll according to the situation of the packaging film after the machine is turned on. The axial position on the upper side ensures that the film supply is normal.

3. Check whether all the wires of the granule packing machine are connected, and then start the equipment.

4. Turn on the main power switch of the particle packaging machine, pull down the clutch handle to separate the measuring cup metering device from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and the packaging machinery and equipment run dry.

granule packing machine

5. Set the temperature of the horizontal and vertical sealing separately, and set the relevant temperature according to the packaging material used.

6. Bag length adjustment: After the packaging roll is installed, it is clamped between the film pulling wheels, and the rollers are rotated to pull the packaging roll below the horizontal seal sealing roller cutter. After the temperature reaches the set temperature for 2 minutes, turn on the start switch , Loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjustment screw, adjust the bag length controller knob, turn clockwise to shorten the bag length, and vice versa. After reaching the required bag length, tighten the nut.

7. Set the position of the cutting knife. When the bag length is set, remove the knife and connect the operation switch to continuously seal several bags. When the heat sealer is just opened and the roller has not pulled the bag, immediately stop the operation of the equipment. . Then, first move the left cutter so that the knife edge faces the middle of the horizontal seal of an integer multiple of the bag length (usually 2 to 3 times the bag length), and the direction of the knife edge is vertical. Tighten the fastening screw of the left cutter. Lean the right cutter on the left cutter, lay it flat, with the tip of the knife facing the tip of the knife, slightly tighten the screw on the front of the stone cutter, and press down the back of the right cutter to make a certain distance between the two cutters. Immediately tighten the relevant screws at the back of the right cutter, put the packaging film between the blades, and tap the front of the right cutter slightly to see if the packaging film can be cut. If not, continue to adjust to cutting. Tighten the relevant screws immediately after adjustment.

8. When the granule packing machine is stopped, the horizontal and vertical sealing heat sealer must be in the open position to ensure that the packaging coil is not heated and wasted, and can extend the life of the heat sealer

9. When rotating the measuring cup measuring plate, do not turn the measuring cup measuring plate clockwise. Before starting the machine, check whether all the blanking doors are closed (except the ones in the open state), otherwise the parts may be damaged.

10. Adjustment of measuring cup measuring device: When the material is packed, if the weight is less than the actual weight, the handle of the measuring plate can be adjusted clockwise to achieve the required packing volume, and vice versa.