How to adjust the shaper of the nuts packing machine?

Apr 27, 2021

After the continuous rapid development of society, nuts packing machines for packaging granular products have very high sales in the market. A good quality packaging machine can operate stably, and the correct use of equipment and regular maintenance are the main factors to maintain the normal operation of machinery and equipment. When the pellet packaging machine is debugged in the factory, different parts need to be replaced and adjusted, and the adjustment and operation of the former is even more important.

Trunk shaper of nuts packing machine:

The former is an important part of the packaging machine. Without the former, the bag cannot be formed. If it is not adjusted properly, the packaging bag will be unsightly, deformed and out of alignment. For the packaging bags that have just been produced, the usual problem is that the back seal (longitudinal seal) of the packaging bag is not evenly left and right or the left and right sides of the packaging bag are not balanced. The main reason for these problems is the small vertical packaging machine elephant trunk type. The shaper is not adjusted to the standard state. The standard state of an elephant trunk former is whether the front of the former is on the center line, the parallelism of the former when viewed from the side, and the top view guide angle is on the horizontal sealing line.

The following briefly introduces the adjustment method of the nuts packing machine former:

Step 1: Whether the front of the shaper is on the center line is the reference of the trunk shaper and the film drawing wheel of the packaging machine. The shaper needs to be in the middle of the film drawing wheel. If it is not in the middle of the film drawing wheel, Loosen the relevant screws to adjust left and right, which side of the bag is wrong, then move the former to that side. In this way, the packaging bag produced by the packaging former will not have uneven back seal (vertical seal) on the left and right sides.

Step 2: Look at the parallelism of the shaper from the side, that is to say, when viewed from the side, the surface of the trunk shaper and the longitudinal sealing stick should be parallel. This kind of operation is that the packaging bag does not jam, and can smoothly pass through the shaper or There is no wrinkles in the packaging bag, and the sealing of the packaging bag is ensured. The main operation is to loosen the relevant fastening screws, adjust the distance between the former and the longitudinal sealing roller surface to be 7mm, and adjust to a parallel state.

The third step: the top-view guide angle is on the horizontal sealing and sealing line, that is to say, the guiding angle at the bottom of the former needs to be in a straight line on the horizontal sealing and sealing line. Adjust the position of the horizontal sealing rod. The purpose of this is to make the packaging bag flat.