Benefits of nuts packing machine

Nov 06, 2021

The granule packaging machine has high measuring accuracy, stable performance, digital display, and the operation is simpler and faster. Self-adaptive software, with functions such as automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of fall, over-tolerance alarm, and automatic failure. It adopts double scale body and high-speed metering system, which can be used alternately or synchronously, with high working efficiency. Arrange the pneumatic hydraulic transmission system but it must be noted that the wear of the chain links may cause the driven sprocket and the driving sprocket to have a phase shift. The tension sprocket is arranged on the tight side, which will make the phase of the driven sprocket advance. There are tension sprocket on the loose and tight sides of the chain. If their positions are adjusted at the same time, the phase can be synchronized due to the wear of the chain. The impact, but the structure is more complicated.
Our products can replace a large number of heavy manual operations, greatly improve factory production efficiency and economic benefits of automated production equipment. Through continuous innovation and continuous improvement, we provide customers with excellent performance, reliable quality, and cost-effective automation equipment. One-stop solutions, technical support and personnel training from the initial processing to the finished product packaging. Company mission: through continuous research and development and continuous improvement, to provide customers with international-level equipment and services. Company vision: Go all out to achieve production standardization and automation, and become the customer's equipment supplier. Enterprise purpose: to innovate, stick to customers, adhere to integrity, mutual benefit and win-win! Business philosophy: To be customer-oriented, listen to and understand the pain points of customers, establish and maintain close cooperative relations with customers, effectively solve customer pain points, and meet and exceed customer expectations.
The bag is not tightly sealed, which is caused by uneven inner layer of packaging materials, uneven sealing pressure, and low sealing temperature. The solution is to remove unqualified packaging materials, adjust the sealing pressure, and increase the heat sealing temperature. The bag length error is large when the color code tracking is not performed. This is because the bag length setting value is not suitable, the roller pattern is flat, which causes the friction force to be reduced, and the roller pressure is small. The solution is to increase the bag length setting value to make the actual bag The length is equal to or slightly larger than the standard length of the color code, replace the roller, increase the roller pressure and adjust the spring pressure of the passive roller shaft. The plc failure in the packaging machine is mainly due to the adhesion of the output point relay contact. Only on the surface of the microporous composite film plastic bag is the number of pores small, the exhaust performance is poor, the filling efficiency is low, but the filling of cement is low, and the moisture resistance is low. The fruit output is large and the budget is sufficient, you can choose a fully automatic pellet packaging machine. If it is a pre-made bag, you can choose an automatic bag-type granule packaging machine. This type of machine can complete a series of actions from packaging, filling, sealing and date printing, completely replacing the manual and greatly improving the packaging bag. Work efficiency, the machine is divided into single station and double station according to different workstations. The two-station machine is equivalent to two single-station machines working at the same time, which is more efficient.
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